Stainless Steel Bottle Shaped Bottle Opener - Double Sided

Stainless Steel Bottle Shaped Bottle Opener - Double Sided

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These stainless steel bottle openers are a great addition to add to your line of sublimatable products.  

- Measures 1 7/16" x 5 3/4" and 1/16" thickness  

- Main Personalization Area is 1 3/8" x 2 1/4" (not including the neck)

- double sided sublimation

- individually wrapped in its own bag

- downloadable template is included once purchased

PRESSING INSTRUCTIONS and RECOMMENDATIONS - (these are only recommendations as each press is different.  You will need to see what will work best for your particular press or machine)

400 degrees for 60 sec with med pressure. 

- When sublimating a double-sided substrate sublimate one side allow to
cool and then sublimate the other side. Use a fresh butcher paper
under the substrate to eliminate any degassing of the first image onto the